‘G+’ vs. ‘Facebook’ – How’s it going ?!

‘G+’ vs. ‘Facebook’ –  Strategic Analysis of  “G+ and Facebook” as an ‘End User’ !

Before you go- ” ahhhhh….*sigh*, I have read so many articles on this topic” !
Let me assure you that this article is NOT at all going to discuss common platforms and comparisons we have read online! It’s an analysis of social networking giants from fresh perspective as an end user!

We have seen how quickly after its launching, G+ attracted huge number of members on its social network! And, after initial launched it seemed biggest threat to Facebook, most of us assumed that the history of ‘MySpace vs. Facebook’ is about to repeat itself, only difference is Facebook is at receiving end this time!

But waaaaait…… Facebook very cleverly managed to retain its members and not only that, it kept the online traffic ‘ACTIVE’ as it was before the launching of G+.

So, what favored Facebook and where G+ lacked even after its mega launch?!

‘G+’ didn’t able to sustain its competitive advantage– Google plus came up with some really cool competitive advantages/ideas like circles, Hangout (chat with video mode) etc. and they were all really good, cause many people had this issue with Facebook related to privacy feature that they want to share certain status updates with specific people and not with everyone in their friends list(G+ came out with circles), also chat tab at Facebook was missing the video mode( G+ came out with hangout feature). G+ provided its members all the facilities they were missing at Facebook!

But what happened than?! Facebook immediately respond to its competitor’s move and incorporated all the missing things into new features like that tab feature of sharing your updates with -(people, custom, friends, public etc.) and also provided video mode facility in chat tab. So in nutshell, Facebook’s immediate response its competitor made them stay in business.

‘G+’ efforts are not sufficient to engage the members– Certainly, G+ attracted huge database of members since its launch on June 28, 2011. The ‘invitation only membership’ was a real good strategy, everyone (including me) was rushing to get invitation from someone who already has account on G+ (it’s due to basic human instinct, Right?! If you can have G+ account, why can’t I! Am I not the important person!). People requested their friends and families to invite them on G+.

But, question is – What after I made my account on G+?! I need some strong reason to log on G+ and visit my G+ page daily! Google plus didn’t succeed to provide me/us that ‘single strong reason’!

I visit on LinkedIn daily cause perhaps I am a job seeker or recruiter or net-worker.
I visit on Facebook daily cause my family, my friends are there and ACTIVELY updating their status.
I visit on G+ cause…………………??????

Although, it was good idea by Google to link Gmail, Youtube, G+ accounts on the same email id, it didn’t attract users to click on G+ tab when they log on to check their emails on Gmail.

Stating the above analysis, game is not over yet! We have seen in past how many businesses/networking sites did average during initial years of their launching and than became huge success after sometime! and, this time we are talking about G+( backed up by giant Google Inc.) !!!

So, It would be really interesting to know what strategies Google will now deploy so as to encourage its members( ‘You’ & ‘I’ ) to be more active on G+!