Joining New Organization?! Here’s ‘Plan of Action’!

As a new employee of the Organization, what would be your plan of action for first few months towards knowing the organization better and contributing in the progress?  

Plan of Action for new workplace


The very first thing I would consider is; who are the Clients of my Organization ? Where is the majority of target clients come from? Knowing the existing client base would be my first priority. This in turn, would help me to improve Organization’s Marketing strategies. Knowing the right clientele base would also help me to identify and acquire potential clients.

My keen focus would be to understand the way, how my Organization’s industry related local businesses operate in different region? How they use the Marketing Mix locally? What sales channels they use to generate sales leads? And, than I will incorporate the learning’s into Organization’s operational procedures.

I would make myself familiarize about Organization’s services and offerings. By doing that, I would come to know about the internal culture of Organization and the way Organization operates its business. This will help me to improvise and customize Organization’s solutions offerings to its clients.

Competitor’s analysis would be my focus area. Who are Organization’s competitors? How do they operate and their business practices?

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PLAN OF ACTION?! Lemme know your thoughts and If I am missing some points!