3 mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn!

Let’s look at the 3 mistakes sometimes Users commit on LinkedIn. Most of you have also observed these mistakes.

1)  Status Updates – It’s a great way to share your knowledge, expertise, NEWS, Product /Services, company Information on LinkedIn. But, sometimes people misuses it by sharing irrelevant contents which are not worth reading or discussing.

Second mistake falls in the ‘Status Updates’ category is when Users post irrelevant comments on other User’s popular status updates.  For ex. – Posting about their company’s products/services on some popular status update. When one does that, it appears more like a spam rather than information to the readers of that status.

3 mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

2) Posting on Groups – There are different tabs on every group page for specific purpose,  for ex.- ‘Discussions’ tab for discussing various topics related to that particular group , ‘Promotions’ tab to promote your products/ services, ‘Jobs’ tab for posting  jobs etc . But, sometimes Users post ‘jobs’ on ‘Discussions’ tab OR promote their ‘products/services’ on ‘Discussions’ tab, and thus violate group rules.

3) Invitations – When inviting someone to professional network, some Users commit below mention mistakes.

(i) While sending invitation, Sometimes Users indicate that the person (with whom they want to connect) did business with them, when in reality he/she did not OR mentions other person as their Colleague when in reality he/she never worked with them. It happens due to error but that error causes invitation either to turn down or hang there in inbox with no response.

(ii) When sending invite request to someone who share the same Group, sometimes Users only state – ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn’, Instead of mentioning specific reason to connect with the other professionals (for ex. – job opportunity, similar business field, etc.). A personal note (which state the specific reason to connect with other professional) along with invite request would give the other professionals a clear idea that why you want to add them in your network.

LinkedIn is such a great platform for Professionals( Recruiters,Job Seekers, Organizations etc.), and we can help in keeping it professional by avoiding the above mentioned mistakes!


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